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Our 2021 Military Special Education Survey is HERE!

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Partners in PROMISE’s 2021 Special Education Survey is LIVE!

September 8 – October 9th

We are so excited to hear from you. Your stories are why Partners in PROMISE exists as an organization. Like all things in life that are worth it, this life is a journey with ups and downs. We celebrate all successes, but are in it for the long haul. Connecting with you through our EFMP Stories, annual survey and online community informs all that we do.

Because we are all about collaborations, we partnered with Blue Star Families, the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, the University of Alabama and other special education experts in designing and drafting the survey. And we are thrilled to see how the collective voices of our military special education community can be translated into actionable data. 

Data that our legislators and military leaders can use to help improve programming and legal protections for our families. Our 2020 survey did just that, and we saw our solutions included in both the House and Senate versions of the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act (aka the document that sets DoD’s annual budget and agenda). And if the 2020 survey, a simple google form drafted by four moms, could make such a difference we can’t begin to guess what 2021’s results will hold.

This year we are focused on more than just telling stories, we are focused on data and the story that data can tell. This survey is a deep dive into many areas, from PCSing, to individual school experiences, to how much you’ve paid out of pocket for supplemental services. We cover it all. We will release our findings in early 2021, hence the title of the survey. And let’s be honest, is 2020 over yet!?

But in order for all this to make a difference we need to hear from you, our military special needs community. The survey that will take roughly 15-minutes to complete can be taken anonymously. And for those who are comfortable sharing their email addresses will be entered in one of 5 one-on-one consultation sessions with Partner in PROMISE co-founder and special education attorney, Grace Kim. 

Thank you for being you, for fighting for your family, for being strong, and for sharing your story.



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