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EFMP Stories

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Learn from EFMP and special education experts & newbies in our weekly EFMP Stories Series

We believe that every story has value and is the most powerful form of advocacy. One reason the stories of EFMP families have been silent for so long is their complexity.

It hard for civilians to understand the struggles of military families because we all have diverse experiences. This diversity of experience is further compounded for those with special needs. Our families do not share the same diagnoses or backgrounds. In order to help our EFMP community connect to both each other and our military family at large we have decided to share our stories. Together we are stronger.

In addition to telling stories, Partners in PROMISE is creating resources for families. PiP co-founder and special education attorney, Grace Kim has contributed to our Resource section by offering IEP Meeting Tips and Tricks. Unsure how to make the most of these stressful meetings? Listen to Grace as she shares what has worked for her and her clients.

IEP Meeting Tips & Tricks with Grace Kim

Our series kicks off by talking with the founders of Partners in PROMISE and other Strategic Partners. Do you have a story to tell? We want to hear from you!

Connect with us today to tell your story:



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