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Podcast: Military Voting & Misinformation Data

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Military-affiliated voters across political parties have lost confidence in the American electoral process, and many have questions about whether their votes actually count. A researcher shares the latest findings of the Secure Families Initiative’s voting participation survey and discusses why misinformation – and even disinformation – may be at play. 

Episode 2: Secure Families Initiative’s Voting Participation Survey Findings: Common Issues and Misinformation Among Military-Affiliated Voters

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Host: Jennifer Barnhill, Partners in PROMISE

Guest: Janessa Schilmoeller, Secure Families Initiative (SFI)

Absentee Voting has been the norm for military families for decades. But some voters are falling victim to misinformation.

“Over 50 percent – so, I think almost 53 percent of respondents – said that they had experienced barriers or challenges to voting.”

Learn more about:

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How to get involved with the Secure Families Initiative

Our Resource Partners, the Secure Families Initiative (SFI) mobilizes military partners and family members to be active voters and advocates for their community – especially on issues of foreign policy. We help coach through the voter registration process and provide free, online webinar trainings about how to be an effective advocate.

About our Guest

Janessa Schilmoeller is a global educator, writer and facilitator who works with organizations to develop programs that transcend borders and inspire critical leadership for a more just world. She leads the Voter Focus Group project at Secure Families Initiative, an organization that elevates military spouses and family members as uniquely qualified advocates and organizers on matters of foreign policy.

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