Trust Your Gut – Tips from a Special Ed Teacher

Published on
April 29, 2021

Partners in PROMISE Chief Operating Officer, Jennifer Barnhill chats with special education teacher Shannon Rouff about early identification. In this episode of Trust Your Gut parents can learn how to identify learning differences and advocate for their children by learning to navigate special education.

Accommodations vs. Interventions

“Accommodations level the playing field. I’m not a tall person, if I want to reach something on a high shelf I need a step stool. It helps me reach the shelf, but it doesn’t teach me anything,” said Shannon Rouff. “An intervention is there is some type of explicit instruction in the area of concern…targeted at the ability level of where that child is.”

Learn more about the ABCs of Special Education.

All About Shannon -Special Education Teacher

Shannon Rouff has over 18 years of experience in the field of special education. She is currently the Director of Recruiting and Hiring for TeleTeachers an organization focused on providing remote educational support. She started her career as a special education teacher and then moved to the district level as a compliance coordinator. Prior to joining TeleTeachers, Shannon was the Director of Exceptional Student Services for a large school district in the military-dense Yuma, Arizona. where she had the opportunity to work closely with the EFMP and School Liaison leaders on base to ensure our military students, receiving special education services, could transition in and out of our district as seamlessly as possible. Shannon is also a part-time faculty member with Northern Arizona University. Although Shannon moved from a teacher to a district leader, students continue to be her inspiration, which is why she still wakes up early to teach students (virtually) who live thousands of miles away.

About TeleTeachers

TeleTeachers, a market leader in special education technology, is continually evolving as a company to meet the needs of school districts, has been providing best-in-class teletherapy services since 2019, before the pandemic-induced rush to learn teleservices. Their innovative remote model is adaptive, and affords mobile military families job consistency and continuity of special education services. Their mission is equity in access to education, for every student. Wherever learning happens, we are putting students first.

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