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The Partners in PROMISE Collection Jewelry

Partners in PROMISE is thrilled to have collaborated with the military spouse-owned Seaport Sweetheart Designs for a very special jewelry collection that recognizes the military family’s determination and the strength and resiliency of our military children all around the world. Add on an exceptional charm as a reminder of your exceptional military family!

50% of the sale of each bracelet duo will be donated to Partners In PROMISE.

The Marisa Bracelet Duo is the cornerstone piece of the very special collaboration with Partners in PROMISE. The beautiful bracelet duo is carefully handcrafted with amethyst agate beads, brushed gold abacus, and heart-shaped beads, and is finished with an exceptionally beautiful gold-tone charm celebrating all exceptional military children around the world. The bracelet duo is a must-have for any military family member, loved one, and friend! 

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