Partners in PROMISE Podcast “For the Sake of the Child”

Published on
February 22, 2021

Partners in PROMISE was thrilled to sit down and discuss our 2020 accomplishments, the findings of our recent Military Special Education Survey, and our plans for the future on Resource Partners Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC) podcast, “For the Sake of the Child.” You can listen to Michelle Norman, Founder & Executive Director and Jennifer Barnhill, Chief Operating Officer on episode 151, Special Education and Military Families Partners in Promise: Part 1 here.

Connecting to Your Roots Can Help You Find Home MCEC Podcast

Description: Hannah discusses her struggles as a mil-kid and how she finally found community by connecting to her roots. This podcast was made in part by support from the Tyndall Spouses Club. https://www.tyndallsc.org/    Show Notes: National Suicide Hotline 988 Call or Text   https://988lifeline.org/help-yourself/attempt-survivors/  Virtual Hope Box:  Coping, Relaxation, Distraction, and Positive Thinking  MCEC Wellbeing Toolkit, PTSD, TBI, Physical Injury tab, look for the Family Communication activities as well as the Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness & Wellness tabs for personal reflection activities and support  https://www.militarychild.org/wellbeingtoolkit   Bio:  Hello! My name is Hannah Andringa. I am 19 years old and I am from Ellsworth, Kansas. I was a military dependent for 14 years of my life. Currently, I am Miss Czech/ Slovak Kansas 2022-2023. I am a current freshman at Kansas State University, studying Agriculture Economics with a focus in Pre-Law. I plan to pursue a secondary in Global Food Systems Leadership as well. I hope to shed light on my experiences of feeling rootless as a dependent as well as inspire anyone feeling this way through my story.    Bio: Sue Lopez Sue is an Active-Duty military spouse (25+), parent of two adult children, and a licensed school counselor who takes pride in being a resource for military-connected students and families in transition. Families rely on Sue for her compassion, knowledge, and empathy as she has personally experienced 14 PCS relocations, 6 deployments, and one unaccompanied tour to the Republic of Korea.  She holds a Master of Science in School Counseling. Her professional license 20+ years of education experience has yielded a unique set of skills and knowledge regarding state and national policies that impact military-connected students during times of transition to include academic transcript evaluation, enrollment, and graduation as well as social-emotional supports.     Prior to her role as an MCEC Instructional Systems Designer, Sue used her field experience as a Military Student Transition Consultant to inform and establish the MCEC Military Student Consultant role.  As and MSTC, Sue provided one-on-one and small group transition counseling services to military-connected students and their families at seven middle and high schools. Additionally, she provided district-wide professional development and enhanced community relationships with instillation command, community stakeholders, school administrators, and district faculty.    
  1. Connecting to Your Roots Can Help You Find Home
  2. You Can Do Hard Things!
  3. eCYBERMISSION: Explore STEM in a Real-World Setting
  4. The Power of Relationships for Young People
  5. I’ve Lost a Friend to Suicide

Stay tuned to learn more about the

Navy’s EFMP Pilot Program on episode 2!

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