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Sharene Brown

Advisory Council Member

Sharene Brown is the spouse of the Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force, General CQ Brown, and a staunch advocate for military families.  She is an avid supporter of Active Duty, Civilian, Guard, and Reserve total force airmen as well as their families.  Accompanying Gen Brown on 20 assignments around the globe in addition to being raised in a military family, Mrs. Brown understands the value military families bring to the Department of the Air Force and the unique challenges they face. This led her to create “Five & Thrive,” a quality-of-life initiative designed to consolidate resources, highlight preventative measures, promote best practices, and foster community partnerships in five focus areas: Childcare, Education, Healthcare, Housing, and Spouse Employment.  Mrs. Brown’s ultimate goal with this initiative is to help military families navigate military life and ensure they have every opportunity to thrive.