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Meg Graves

Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator

As a proud Navy military wife of 12 years, Meg is no stranger to the hardships of being married in the military. Their three children, two of which are EFM, and her own EFM status as a Breast Cancer survivor, have given her first-hand experience in advocating for their unique needs. Breast cancer has taught her that we all have our own version of hard.
She has been front and center, listening and helping create change for other families at the local school level, for all exceptional children, through her roles as a special needs educator and SEAC member.

She has empowered, led, and encouraged other military families as their needs and families grow and change. Her role as a Navy ombudsman (& Air Force key spouse) at joint commands has given her insights into how EFMP differs between service branches.
Meg graduated in 2004 from Millersville University as a dual major with a Bachelor of the Arts in English and a Bachelor of Science in Speech Communication, focusing on communication theory. She then pursued graduate coursework, focusing on Special Education and English as a Second Language education.