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Crystal D. Mahany

Research Editor & Legal Analyst

A proud wife to an Army Aviator, Crystal has served the military community in many capacities over the last 20 years and is committed to serving until and beyond her soldier’s retirement. She strongly believes in serving military families and the surrounding community at each duty station.

In 2014, her oldest son was diagnosed with a rare speech disorder and Autism. Two years later, her youngest son was diagnosed with the same speech disorder. These diagnoses thrust her family into the Special Needs and Special Education community. Driven by her passion to help, Crystal went back to school and focused her research on Civil Rights, Disability Rights, and Special Education Law.

Crystal has worked as a paralegal, advocate, and legal analyst in Special Education Law, facilitated panel discussions on protecting the most vulnerable, and taught courses on Special Education as a Civil Right, the importance of the 10th Amendment, and Disability as a Tenet of Diversity. She has been with Partners In Promise since its founding, is deeply committed to policy changes to advance education policy and Disability Rights, and serves as an Instructional Assistant at The George Washington University.