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Christine Grady

Advisory Council Member

“Be Present Where You Are.” This is the way Christine Grady lives her Military spouse years to the fullest. She believes that being present is the only way to make the most of every opportunity, foster new ideas and bring together people to make lasting and impactful connections.

In 38 years of Navy life together, the Grady family set up home in many different places. Every time she moves, Christine is always actively involved in spouse and local community groups. As an advisor to several spouse groups, NOSC, SOS, Naval Services FamilyLine (NSFL), the Continuum of Resource Education (CORE), and presently the Family Advisory Council for NSFL, she hopes to bring awareness to the strength of and need for military spouse volunteers. As a mom of a wounded warrior, Christine advocates for and strongly supports the Navy Safe Harbor Foundation. Additionally, she served as the military family liaison for Navy Marine Core Relief Society (NMCRS), the Navy League of Hampton Roads and the Armed Services YMCA. Currently, she serves on the USO Service Council and as an Ambassador for T.A.P.S., Easterseals, United Through Reading’s Reading Ready Circle, and on the advisory board of Partners in PROMISE.

Christine has worked with New Flag and Senior Executive Training Symposium (NFLEX) and many others, to help shape the groups to become more inclusive, mission-driven, and provide educational and mentoring opportunities. She hopes these efforts will help strengthen all military families. She was the co-founder of the Naples Spouses Network and Knowledge, an all-hands group that attracts spouses of
every service and all ranks, to share information at monthly gatherings, learn about a military life-specific topic and a talent presented by a spouse.

Of special importance to Christine is her service as an Arlington Lady, representing the Chief of Naval Operations at Veteran’s funerals. Christine also believes in advocating for military families at all levels, shining a light on the challenges families face in medical care, education, food security, exceptional family member programs, service member benefits, spouse employment, and the sustainability of vital charitable community organizations including base thrift and spouse run shops.

An accomplished artist, illustrator, and a former creative director, her artistic and graphic design talents are currently used for command coins, logos, invitations, promotional materials, menus, and marketing information. Her commissioned art is held in several private collections. Collaborating with Military Culinary Specialists, she has combined her cuisine creativity and professional artistic skills to unfold new trends to further her belief in entertaining as a mission. She currently is working as a design consultant for a tech start-up. In her spare time, Christine loves to paint, read, ride her Peloton, spend time with her family and pets, and play serious board games.

Christine is the recipient of the Department of the Navy’s Distinguished Public Service Award. “Family first always,” is a Grady family motto. Christine and her husband Chris have three grown children, a lovely
daughter-in-law, two kittens, and one rescue pup whom she hopes to train as a therapy service animal.