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Organizing for Special Education Success

The Special Education Binder Workshop, a practical and interactive session designed to help military families organize and manage their child’s special education journey. This workshop provides essential tools and resources to ensure your family is well-prepared and informed about navigating the special education system.

We aim to correct that with this training and binder. The binder serves as a roadmap for military families, guiding them from the initial suspicion of a diagnosis to post-secondary transitions. Below are just a sampling of the topics and themes covered:

  • School Registration
  • Military Family SPED Bill of Rights
  • IEP Initial Eligibility and 504 Plan
  • IEP Documents
  • Behavior Assessments
  • Progress Reporting & Academic Testing
  • Parent/Private Data Collection

Each session will provide families with content and on-demand support for every stage of their special education journey, helping to bridge the gap created by frequent moves while connecting them with existing resources to support families.