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Celebrate the Month of the Military Child!

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Partners in PROMISE celebrates our military children every day, but the world joins us every April. We recognize the unique sacrifices this group makes and the challenges they overcome. Military-connected children are a resilient group of individuals, blooming wherever they are planted just like the flower that has been chosen to represent them; the dandelion. This year as we get ready to celebrate the 35th Month of the Military Child, let’s strive to better understand this group of EXCEPTIONAL children and focus on how we can celebrate them!

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Military-connected children the numbers

According to the Department of Defense, there are currently 1.7 million military-connected children worldwide. These children are all exceptional in their own ways and have a unique story to tell.

We love data, but stories complete us.

– Partners in promise

If you are a military family with a child in special education and you would like to share your EFMP story, please contact us at info@partnersinpromise.org.

Here is some DATA on our military kiddos:

  • There are currently 1.2 million military children of active duty members.
  • Approximately 2 million military children have experienced a parental deployment since 9/11.
  • According to a report by the Department of Defense there are 700 military child development program facilities around the world, running approximately 155,000 child-care spaces, with another 3,000 Family Child Care homes.
  • It’s estimated that military child development centers welcome around 200,000 children daily. There are 300 youth and teen centers worldwide serving more than 645,000 youth through a variety of educational and recreational programs worldwide.
  • Nearly 80% of military children attend public schools throughout the United States.
  • The average military family moves three times more often than their civilian counterpart.
  • There are nearly two million “total-force dependent children” including more than 900,000 Army dependents, 400,000 Air Force dependents, nearly 300,000 Navy and approximately 118,000 Marine dependents.

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Ways to Celebrate our military-connected children

Whether your children are attending in person school or are enrolled remotely, they deserved to be recognized and celebrated this April. Dr. Amanda Trimillos, from Seasons of My Military Student shares some great tips on how to celebrate student regardless of their physical location. For some fun ideas on how to celebrate at home, including Friday Fun Nights, check out this list from U.S. Veteran’s Magazine. And finally you can celebrate your child by taking advantage of some military discounts offered with your child in mind! Military.com has compiled a list of nine military discounts to celebrate the month of the military child.

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