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Blue Star Family Partnership

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Partners in PROMISE is Blue Star Families’s COVID-19 EFMP go-to resource

BLUF (bottom line up front)

If you are having a hard time during this COVID-19 pandemic we need to let our community know. They are listening and want to help. If your child is not receiving FAPE during this time of distance learning, please share your stories with us and Blue Star Families (BSF)!

What BSF & PiP Are Doing

Our nation, our military families, and the communities they live in are facing a crisis like we have not faced in one hundred years. It is a public health crisis first, but its ripples are impacting every aspect of life. Our national security depends on ensuring we provide our defense communities and military families with understanding, information, and support.

The Association of Defense Communities (ADC), Blue Star Families, and participants of the White Oak Collaborative have joined forces to create the COVID-19 Military Support Initiative (CMSI)—a united, national platform to provide resources and expertise to support communities, states, and military families through this crisis. Ultimately, the mission of the CMSI is to share information, maintain engagement, and develop best practices and policy approaches to ensure our military receives the support it deserves. 

Sample question from the BSF COVID-19 Military Pain Point Survey



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