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Your Stories

Marla Bautista’s EFMP Story

Author and special education parent, Marla Bautista shares her family’s tips and tricks on how to thrive while raising a child with exceptional needs.

Verenice Castillo’s EFMP Story

Military Spouse Advocacy Network’s Verenice Castillo shares her EFMP story and recommendations for new military spouses, reminding them that “you are not alone.”

Hilary Laxson’s EFMP Story

Hilary Laxon of The Dyslexic Life shares her experience advocating for her daughter who has dyslexia, how she was able to work with her school district and Tricare to obtain services.

Sarah King’s EFMP Story

2020 AFI Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek Military Spouse of the Year, Sarah King shares her EFMP Story and her initial struggles finding information about this complex, yet vital program.

Ashley Dosher’s EFMP Story

EFMP parent and homeschool mom, Ashley Doscher shares her EFMP Story with Partners in PROMISE.

Partner Stories

Michelle’s Medical Journey

Partner in PROMISE co-founder & Executive Director, Michelle Norman shares how she dealt with having a preemie and how her medical journey impacted her advocacy work.

Shannon’s Story

Partner in PROMISE co-founder, Shannon DeBlock shares about her journey as a parent of a child with special needs and how she has dealt with moving away from a supportive school district.

Jennifer’s Special Education Story

Partner in PROMISE Chief Operating Officer, Jennifer Barnhill speaks with her brother about his experience dealing with ADHD and how special education impacted their childhood.

Grace’s PiP Story

Partner in PROMISE co-founder, Grace Kim opens up, sharing her son Josiah’s story and how she got involved with Partners in PROMISE while representing Executive Director, Michelle Norman.

From Parent to Attorney – Grace’s Advocacy Journey

Partner in PROMISE co-founder, Grace Kim shares her journey from parent to special education attorney, while sharing her legal expertise with our EFMP community.


Resource Partner – Parent Centers

Barb Koumjian speaks to Partners in PROMISE about her work with Parent Centers – a civilian run resource available to all military families across the country.

Grace Kim – IEP Meetings

Partner in PROMISE co-founder, Grace Kim shares her tips and tricks on how to have a successful IEP meeting. She will cover documentation, strategies, handling hostile school districts and more!