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Trust Your Gut Premier & All About Me Printable

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“I wouldn’t have waited. I would have stopped everything her second grade year and said no something is wrong. We fell way far behind and we are not making up that time.”

Sara Jo Orr On Trusting Your Gut as a military parent.

Trust Your Gut Is HERE!

Sara Jo Orr shares her experiences moving mid-diagnosis.

Partners in PROMISE COO, Jennifer Barnhill sat down with #dyslexia military mom Sara Jo Orr to learn how her painful experience PCSing OCONUS while not trusting her gut helped inform how she advocates for her child. In her session she mentions writing All About Me letters to help smooth the PCS transition.

All About Me Printable

A one page, “all about me” document is a great way to introduce your child to his/her teacher(s) or other professionals that will be working with them. It can be used when your child enters a new grade, moves to a new school, or is preparing for a big transition. It can also be used in early childhood when a child attends daycare or preschool. The document can be the summary of your All About Me Book that you send out in the summer, a stand-alone resource, or your “go-to” for the beginning of the year.  

This one-pager will allow you to drive the narrative for your child. It will include all the important things you think your child’s team should know and is a great way to open the lines of communication between you and your child’s team. 

What should I include in my summary?

Your child’s All About Me one-pager is a quick highlight of his/her strengths, needs, likes, reinforcers, etc. It allows a new person to gain a few important facts and get to know your child before meeting them. We have provided a basic template below. But this information can be presented in various ways, including a pamphlet, resume style, etc. The most important item on the document, regardless of the format, is your child’s picture. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Chose a photo that allows your child’s personality to shine through!

How do I create a one page summary?

Sample All About Me Sheet

If you would like to use our template, make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. Once you download this worksheet, open it in Adobe Reader and click in the text boxes to fill in your answers. Once you’ve completed the document, save it to your computer.

Once saved as a PDF, you can digitally send the resource to your child’s team. I also like to provide a hard copy and will print the document on colored paper or card stock so that it stands out. That way it doesn’t get lost in the hustle and bustle of papers on a teacher’s desk. 

*You can also use programs such a Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, Apple’s Pages, Canva, etc. to create a one page resource.

Who should fill out a one page summary?

You or you child can fill out this page. It may also be fun to have your sending teacher write one for your student so you can see your student from the eyes of an educator!



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