Trust Your Gut – Autism Acceptance

Published on
May 06, 2021

During this episode of Trust Your Gut Partners in PROMISE’s Carla Wyrsch met with Rosemary Griffin, MA, CCC/SLP BCBA and Jaclynn Bosley, BCBA to discuss how parents can recognize Autism Spectrum Disorder in their children.

Did you know that kids with autism may play differently? One red flag parents can look for how they play with “comfort items.” Do they play the same way every single time with no deviation? Do they blow up if you interrupt this routine? Learn more by watching the interview!

Our Autism Experts

Rosemarie Griffin

Rosemarie Griffin is an ASHA certified Speech-Language Pathologist, Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Product Developer. She divides her time between a public school and her own private practice- ABA SPEECH. She is passionate about helping individuals with autism find their voice and become more independent communicators. This passion has driven her to create her own business , ABA SPEECH, where she provides ASHA approved courses, therapy materials and free resources for parents and professionals alike.

Jaclynn Bosley

Jaclynn Bosley is the Owner and Executive Clinical Director of the Thrive Early Learning Center. Jaclynn has 20 years experience teaching children on the autism spectrum across all ages and skill levels. Jaclynn is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Certified Ohio Behavior Analyst, and licensed Principal with the state of Ohio. Jaclynn holds a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education (John Carroll University 2003), a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership (John Carroll University 2007) and obtained her post-graduate certification in Applied Behavior Analysis from Penn State University (2010). Jaclynn’s career experiences have included positions as a private home behavioral therapist (2000-2003), Coordinating Teacher and Educational Coordinator at the Lerner School at the Cleveland Clinic Center for Autism (2003-2009), public education experience as a Special Education Supervisor for Riverside Local Schools (2009-2012), and most recently Educational & Behavioral Consultant and Director of Program Development for KidsLink, a non-public, private separate facility serving children with autism (2012-2019). Jaclynn has utilized her expertise in the area of autism and special education to partner with districts and families on educating them of the importance of intensive intervention.

This video was sponsored by our amazing Resource Partners Organization for Autism Research (OAR). To learn more about the amazing work of OAR check out our Resource Partner page!

OAR’s Guide for Military Families provides expert information on Department of Defense and service policies related to autism; coverage for autism services within the military healthcare system; tips and advice relative to transitions such as PCS moves; and more.

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