Can You Trust Your Gut? Let Us Help!

Can parents really trust their gut when it comes to special education? We think it’s a good place to start, but by no means enough to support a child with learning differences.

“Is this behavior ‘normal’?”

“Is this stress deployment-related or is it anxiety?”

“Is she on track?”

“Should I get her tested?”

Military parents report having a hard time separating fact from fiction in highly-mobile and dynamic environments. For April’s Month of the Military Child Partners in PROMISE will feature an educational series entitled “Trust Your Gut.” The series, informed by the knowledge gaps observed from our survey, will feature experts in various special education subject areas ranging from dyslexia to early childhood development.

Rather than relying upon their gut alone military families will be able to measure their feelings alongside facts. No longer will parents have to rely upon their gut alone.

Stay tuned to learn what topics we will cover!

Do you have expertise to share with our community? Do you have a topic you want to learn more about?

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