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Military Family Readiness Legislation

EFMP Legislation Highlights

  • Standardize EFMP across services (enrollment, transfers, access, respite care)
  • Provide dedicated EFMP attorneys
  • Ensure full services and BAH for geobach tours for child’s education
  • Centralize and coordinate EFMP offices
  • Support shift workers with 24-hour child care

What would you add to the bill if you could? Let us know what you think.

Comments (2)

  • I am a dual-military parent with 2 boys with Autism/ADHD. My spouse and I are AGR (active Guard) and this bill does not appear to cover Title 32 military members as it only cites Title 10 authorities. We are entitled to EFMP benefits and resources through Tricare, however often active Guard and Reserve members get denied resources because our installations do not have them (this happened to us during PME). Additionally, it recommends an EFMP case manager for every military installation, but does that include the 10 stand-alone Reserve installations (Air Force only in this discussion, Army and Navy stand-alone locations may add to this number) and over 50 stand-alone National Guard locations where this is no regular military component (each Service has 3 components, Regular forces, Reserve forces, and the National Guard) but still full time active duty military members who may be enrolled in EFMP, but right now have little or no access to resources? I very much support your efforts but do not want our Reserve Component active members to be forgotten. I am happy to help in whatever way I can. I am an organizational psychologist and psychiatric nurse.

    • Thank you Dr. Ihme for responding. We agree that there are problems with access for our EFMP AGR servicemembers and their families. We have addressed this with our legislative contacts as well as the concerns of our Coast Guard community. Reservists are not Q-coded like Active-Duty yet should receive all the same EFMP and Tricare services. We recommend reaching out to your legislator ( about the lack of EFMP case managers at the 10 stand-alone Reserve installations and ask them to address the lack of services as it impacts military readiness and retention for AGR servicemembers.

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